1433/2012 Student and Family Evening and Fundraising Dinner


Inshaa Allah we are holding a student and family evening where we will:

  • Share information about ILIA’s latest accomplishments and impact in the areas of youth, family and professional development
  • ILIA latest project Green Sprouts
  • ILIA upcoming initiatives and plans

The evening will include panel discussions by leaders in the Muslim community and society involved in various areas of youth, family and community development areas.

Confirmed guest speakers / panelsits inshaa Allah

Young Leaders Panel Discussion

Youth Development Leaders

Community Development Leaders

Family Development Leaders

  • Johari Abdulmalik, Dar Al-Hijra Islamic Center
  • Ibrahim Abusway, KinderUSA
  • Jose Acevedo, Dar Al-Hijra, Youth Director
  • Joshua Salaam, ADAMS Center, Youth Director
  • Mostafeez Choudhary, Youth EPC and Debate Competition, Mafiq Foundation
  • Jack Kavanagh, Director, Howard County Detention Center
  • Bilal Ali Prather, Militi Islami, Executive Director
  • Faizul Khan, Islamic Society of Washingtion Area, Imam
  • Mauri SalaaKhan, Peace Thru Justice, Executive Director
  • Thasin Sardir, Islamic Center of East Lansing, Chair
  • Lana Shami, Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, Board Member
  • Arif Kabir, Dar us Salaam, Youth Leader
  • Ibrahim Khan, Prince George’s Muslim Community, Youth Leader
  • Mohamed Ishaq, Youth Coach / Instructor
Leadership Activities
ILIA Program Office Exhibits
Panel Discussions
Keynote Speaker
Book Exhibit
Discussions on the following topics:Challenges Facing the Leadership Development of Youth
Lessons from Youth Development Initiatives
The Role of Leadership in Public Safety and Inmate Reentry
Leadership as an Ingredient to Community Development
Leadership and the Family as a Nucleus of the Society

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