2015 Middle School Spring Break Retreat & Conference

Identity, diversity and family: Adventure, group discussions, leadership activities, sports, workshops, lectures, team presentations.


Before you register please choose the relevant date depending on your school district spring dates.

Date: April 6 -7
Ages: 10-13

The Middle School Spring Break Retreat and Conference is a unique 2-day educational and recreational program. The first day includes team building, identity building and leadership activities complemented with outdoor thrill building activities such as rope climbing, zip lining, giant swings and others. The day includes group discussions and activities on the young Muslim identity, the diversity of the American culture and significance of Family. Dress code for day 1 is casual Islamic.

The second day includes a set of outdoor educational activities at Schooley Mill Park in Howard County. Parents will drop-off and pickup at the park. Youth are required to dress Islamic casual. Topics covered the second day include identity, diversity and family. Students will learn about the concept of identity in Islam, different ways people identity themselves. Youth identity issues, diversity and dealing with elders, opposite gender, and family relations from an identity and diversity perspective.

Howard County Middle School Spring Break