A Weekend of Dawa Training With Imam Amr Elsamny


Weekend of Dawa Training

Imam Amr Elsamny

Fri 3/29 – Sat 3/30


Friday 1:30 pm – Friday Sermon: The Obligation and  Virtue of Outreach
Friday 6:30 pm – The Approach of Outreach

Friday 10:00 pm – Youth Sleepover at Halal Yeah (Ages 12-21)

Saturday 9:30 am – Middle/High School Work and Homework Help at Halal Yeah
Saturday 1:30 pm – Outreach Techniques Workshop at Maryum Center
Saturday 6:30 pm – Common Misconceptions about Islam and how to Respond with Conviction


Register here: http://mercyformankind.eventbrite.com


TML March 2013