Board of Imara (Directors)

2016 BOD

Ayman Nassar, Chairman of Board

Ayman Nassar is founder and chair of the board of directors of Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA). He held positions on the board of directors and advisors of several masjids and Islamic organizations in the US. Br. Ayman brings a diverse background to the institute ranging from expertise in non-profits, civic engagement, youth & family counseling and development, institutional governance and capacity building to technology & engineering, leadership and management, conflict resolution, facilitation and enterprise architecture.

Br. Ayman has managed dozens of high complexity technology projects and led several programs in the fields of telecommunications, embedded design, enterprise architecture and new product development at IBM, Ericsson, Fujitsu, AT&T and other leading innovators. Besides overseeing ILIA’s strategies and vision, he volunteers at area correctional institutions and youth organizations offering leadership coaching and mentoring. He has played various roles in Muslim youth organizations from head of youth committee, to MSA advisor, youth group mentor and coach to program facilitator and halaqa instructor. He is a motivational speaker addressing youth, families and professionals. Br. Ayman also mediated and facilitated numerous technical joint sessions, community member disputes, parent/teen conflicts, business partners’ disputes and offered numerous workshops on leadership at Masjids, government agencies and technology organizations.

Ayman also acts as an advisor consultant to masjids and Islamic institutions on topics of organizational excellence, strategic planning, organizational development, enterprise architecture and sustainability. He published a number of books in the areas of leadership and project management, and writes frequently on topics of leadership and management from the Islamic perspective. Ayman holds graduate degrees in Engineering Management, Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and is certified in project management, systems engineering, IT architecture, quality management, organizational excellence and six sigma. He also attended the Higher Institute for Islamic Studies in Cairo in 2003 where he studied basics of governance models among other topics. He is currently enrolled in the doctoral program with a focus on organizational leadership.

Br. Ayman has significant experience in establishing frameworks and processes for zakat distribution and collection, youth services & counseling, dawaa and interfaith dialogues, mentoring and leadership programs and Islamic institution governance. He is named inventor on two US patents and a pending patent in the area of service management and systems sustainability. Br. Ayman is an expert witness and technical reviewer, and is an adjunct faculty member at Prince George’s Community College, University of California and former adjunct faculty at Howard Community College and Strayer University, and has offered dozens of public speeches at masjids, community centers, schools, youth groups and conferences in the US, Europe and the Middle East.
Ibrahim El-Araby, Member 

Ibrahim joined the ILIA imara in 2012. Ibrahim is a project management by profession and holds a certification in project management (PMP), he is also PMOC and CPH certified. At ILIA Ibrahim is active with Middle and High School internships, Green Sprouts and long term planning and governance; he also teaches a weekly Arabic class in Baltimore and provides jummah khutbahs at the Anne Arundel Detention Center. He brings to ILIA over two decades of international experience in project management, organizational governance, agile management and a passion for developing the Muslim ummah. His interests are green technologies, quality management, project and program management, low-income neighborhoods development, youth empowerment and leadership. Ibrahim is founder of Green Project Management, a project management consultancy, and has been an active volunteer teacher at Makkah Learning Center.


Zahra Ahmed, Member 

Essam Tawfik, Member 

Talaat Shehata, Member 


Past Boards of Imara

2009: Ayman Nassar, Ammar Nada, Arif Kabir, Walaa Sidky, Salah Elleithy

2010: Ayman Nassar, Ammar Nada, Arif Kabir, Walaa Sidky, Mahmoud Abouelrous, Shafqat Abbasi

2011: Ayman Nassar, Mahmoud Abouelrous, Mariam Eltoweissy, Noha Elansary, Saad Rehman

2012: Ayman Nassar, Noha Elansary, Ibrahim EL-Araby

2013: Ayman Nassar, Noha Elansary, Ibrahim EL-Araby

2014: Ayman Nassar, Ibrahim EL-Araby

2015: Ayman Nassar, Ibrahim EL-Araby, Fatimah Steffanoff

2016: Ayman Nassar, Ibrahim EL-Araby, Sherif Halawa, Talaat Shehata, Essam Tawfik, Zahra Ahmed