All Praises to Our Lord, ILIA Turns Four

ILIA was founded on June 22nd, 2009. Alhamedellah over the four years of operations it has touched the lives of over 650 students and interns, and transformed dozens.

We raise our hands to the All-Hearing, and bow to the All-Capable and prostrate to the All-Merciful asking Allah (swt) to accept from all of our volunteers, donors, officers, board members, students, interns, tutors and teachers the time and effort they have put into building this fine institute.We ask Allah (swt) to give us all the patience, endurance and stamina to carry on the mission of ILIA.Oh Allah accept from all of us, even those among us who did not care about the mission, but joined an event, meeting, or class for other worldly benefits, indeed you are the All-Giving.

Oh Allah give all of those who gave from their wealth, time and health many multiples more, for indeed you are the All-Generous, All-Giving. With your hands are goodness, you grant whomever you will whatever you will.

Oh Allah, accept from our students and teachers their hard work.

Oh Allah, make ILIA a beacon of knowledge, a center of light, a magnet of scholars, a paradise of students.

Oh Allah, reward each one who read a message, or posted a message or shared a thought that were pleasing to you a grade in jannah, and a forgiveness and protection from the hell-fire.

Alhamedellah Rab alalameen.

ILIA Overview - June 2013 - 4 years old