Avalanche: Courage Door to Dawa


Courage the Door to Da’awh

ILIA is here not only to provide your child recreation in a fully protected Islamic environment but also to provide them with the opportunity of learning several basic concepts to help them develop into a good, independent and successful human being. ILIA is offering its Avalanche course both genders ages 9-12. Under this retreat, not only will you or your child enjoy snow tubing, but will also be exposed to several key concepts related to courage, its real meaning and its practical and productive use in general life. Based on the Quran and practice of the Prophet, this outreach event provides an opportunity to develop in the deen and put it into practice as well as enjoy, entertain and hangout with friends. 

Age Group:   9-12

To learn about the meaning, importance and the Islamic Concept of the term Courage, the relationship of courage and leadership as well as to enjoy the great weather.


  • Snow Tubing
  • Group Discussions
  • Class

Ages: 8-14

  1. The definition of courage.
  2. The relationship between courage and leadership.
  3. Steps toward courage and leadership.


Br. Ayman Nassar

Program Fee:

$54 everything included (Lunch, Snacks)

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COR 101 - 2015.02.14