Basics of Adaptation: SIT 103

The Class will be held at Al Huda School, College Park


Basics of Adaption (SIT 103) is one of the ILIA’s youth leadership development initiatives which teaches the youth how, when and why to be flexible and also informs them about the troubles and problems which they may encounter while being harsh, hard or inflexible in the varied situations. Flexibility as a basic factor of adoption is considered to be one of the fundamental and important leadership development traits. The examples of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and some other great visionary leaders are used as the guiding principles during the discussion.

Just like an inflexible gymnast is more likely to become injured and having a supple body is an important key to an athlete’s success and health, in the same way emotional flexibility is important for success in social and professional life. If we are not emotional flexibility and lack the ability to reevaluate plans, goals and ideas as new information is learned or as circumstances change we start failing to discover paths to success.

ILIA under its initiative in the name of Adapt-Agility teaches students who to be emotionally flexible in order to handle and withstand social as well as educational and professional changes and how to avoid being demoralized if their plan of action is altered in their way. Most of the students loss their hopes and think that as they have failed at a certain point, they cannot go and they are at the brink of giving up. ILIA not only teaches how to handle such situations but also teaches its students how to excel in the new situation.

ILIA believes that while being single-minded in the pursuit of excellence is perfectly great, excellence is best pursued when the student is able to consider new ideas, strategies and techniques to achieve his/her goals. In fact, it is essential that the route is constantly being re-examined, acknowledging that sometimes taking a different path is either better or even necessary. When old patterns no longer serve the student, it is time to make a change or adapt to the new circumstances.

Some kids overcome by emotional flexibility quite easily and seem to be able to change, adapt on the fly and let go of past disappointments others are lost even after small failures and they don’t know what to do in those times. Sometimes, due to the lack of time, even parents fails to recognize the situation and ultimately the students as well as parents have to bear the brunt of the ignorance of the situation. To avoid such situations and to keep your children on the right tract ILIA has started its Adpat-Agility in order to teach the children how to handle a certain situation in the best possible and productive manner.

Adpat-Agility teaches that students with emotional flexibility are resilient. They are able to recognize when it is time to abandon a strategy, when is the time to try a different tool or approach and they are able to bounce back after an injury or loss because they are confident that they will be able to figure out how to do better next time.


  • To teach students the concepts of emotional flexibility and resilience.
  • The hazards and disadvantages behind rigidity and non-adaptability to new situations.
  • How when and why to be flexible
  • Flexibility as a basic factor of adaption.
  • What are B-Plans and how to reevaluate plans, goals and ideas.
  • What does a positive change means and how to adjust one self to such changes.
  • Change as an opportunity.

Target age group:

12-15 years, both genders


Salah Elleithy will be the instructor of the class. Salah is an IT project leader and business analyst with more than a decade experience. He is passionate about teaching and has taught elementary and middle school kids for more than five years.


Saturday, Dec 21, 2013 (9 am-4 pm)