Call for Proposal – Educational Partners

Call for Proposal – Educational Partners

Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA) is interested in collaborating with partners in the education and human development areas to offer programming at our Baltimore location.

Service Areas

Partners who offer the educational programming in one or more of (1) STEM, (2) World Languages (3) Quran Studies (4) Islamic Studies (5) Human Rights (6) Civic Engagement (7) Leadership Training (8) Technology (9) Law and Governance (10) Theology and Inter-Faith (11) Pedagogy and Learning, are welcome to submit a proposal addressing the following points:

  1. Target students demographics
  2. Program objective
  3. Program structure (sessions, hrs, times, days/dates)
  4. Interest in partnering with ILIA

Successful proposals wi11 address the following questions

  • What are the benefits of program to partner, ILIA and the target student population?
  • How can the proposed program enhance the understanding of leadership skills of the student population?
  • How will served students be able to positively impact society upon completion of the proposed program?
  • How will the program achieve sustainability and expected number of students served and funding plans?
  • What resources will the program require and the roles of each of the partner and ILIA in providing the needed resources?


Eligible partners include (1) private and public educational organizations (2) non-profit organizations (3) government agencies (4) consulting firms (5) training centers (6) self-employed individuals who are registered as a business; that have been in business for at least 2 years.


Proposals should be submitted in PDF format with contact information, copy of articles of incorporation or organization, bio for the key officers of the organization, summary of past performance related to the area of proposed interest, responses to questions above, and responses to service area points to or complete this online form here


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  1. Maajida Murdock

    Summer Math Preparation

    Algebra 1 / 2 with coding

    Summer prep classes – Algebra one and two incorporating coding for three weeks. four days a week, from 10-3 pm