Self Development تنميه ذاتيه

Strengthening relationships, brainstorming, activities, self-motivation, analyzing challenges, understanding self

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Celebration of Hidden Treasures

Tweet     Join us celebrating the contributions of Muslims to the body of knowledge. Some of our affiliate partners include the prestigious Kazi Publications, Inc, the first  and the oldest continuous publisher of...

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Four Centuries of Islam in America and 9/11: Lessons and Vision

Join us inshaa Allah for a thought provoking intellectual discussion on the heritage of Islam in America, the impact of 9/11 and lessons learned from throughout the time. InshaaAllah we have three intellectuals who will share insights on how 9/11 impacted not only the Muslims but also the non-Muslims in America and around the world.

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Muhammad: Refuting Leadership Fallacies

Tweet A special 6 hr seminar with author Imam Moustafa Zayed, author of Lies About Muhammad, followed by a class exam. This seminar is open to Muslims and non-Muslims, so invite your neighbors and friends. The program includes...

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COM101 – Make The Click Bridge the Gap

When: July 7, 2011
Where: Online
Audience: Parents, Educators

Register Here:

This seminar will provide insight into the lives of teens, and tools and approaches that can be used to effectively deal with challenging issues, Insha'Allah.

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