Celebration of Hidden Treasures

    Join us celebrating the contributions of Muslims to the body of knowledge. Some of our affiliate partners include the prestigious¬†Kazi¬†Publications, Inc, the first¬† and the oldest continuous publisher of Islamic...

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Four Centuries of Islam in America and 9/11: Lessons and Vision

Join us inshaa Allah for a thought provoking intellectual discussion on the heritage of Islam in America, the impact of 9/11 and lessons learned from throughout the time. InshaaAllah we have three intellectuals who will share insights on how 9/11 impacted not only the Muslims but also the non-Muslims in America and around the world.

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Muhammad: Refuting Leadership Fallacies

A special 6 hr seminar with author Imam Moustafa Zayed, author of Lies About Muhammad, followed by a class exam. This seminar is open to Muslims and non-Muslims, so invite your neighbors and friends. The program includes...

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COM101 – Make The Click Bridge the Gap

When: July 7, 2011
Where: Online
Audience: Parents, Educators

Register Here: http://clickjuly2011.eventbrite.com/

This seminar will provide insight into the lives of teens, and tools and approaches that can be used to effectively deal with challenging issues, Insha'Allah.

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