CB-9 Overview



By Moustafa Hussein
ILIA Student, Hammond High School

Sunday, Jan 29th, 4:40 pm

Wilde Lake Interfaith Center Meeting On CB 9

Within the United States, there are many immigrants who come here from various countries to seek refuge for their family and themselves. They either came for the safety of themselves and their family, or to seek better career opportunities in hopes to take knowledge gained back to their country one day.


At the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center on Sunday, January 29, there was an event held to gather support for CB-9 which states “The legislation would change the county code to declare the jurisdiction a safe zone for people without citizenship. If it passes, police would not be allowed to ask illegal immigrants to prove their citizenship unless they commit a crime”. More than 1,100 individuals attended the event in support of the legislation and they all hope to get it approved as soon as possible. The main purposes of CB-9 are to ensure immigrants around us are treated fairly and with respect and to work towards a reality where all people are treated equally.


Many individuals spoke at the event, ranging from county and state officials to immigrants who currently hold a Visa. What was gathered from all of the speakers was that Trump’s presidency brought along profiling of religion, race and ethnicity. Efforts must be done to make the country a safer place. It must start at a regional level and then eventually go to a national level. An outstanding quote that stuck out to me during the event was, “A person is a person no matter what color their skin is, what language they speak at home, whether or they are documented. A person is a person and nothing can change that.” No matter what you are, at the end of the day, we are all humans and we all must treat each other how we would want others to treat us. Nothing should be able to divide us and we will all stand tall against any negative individuals who try to separate us.