Dec 2017 in a Snapshot


Alhamedellah this month ILIA worked with more than 140 youth from Middle School to College; and over 120 professional adults. That is over 260 individuals directly impacted by ILIA’s services and presence.


  • EmpowerOne Coaching: We worked with four college aged youth helping them achieve their goals in life
  • Youth Crisis Line: We received close to three dozen calls this month, that is one a day on average, some from as far as the mid-west and as close as Columbia, Maryland. We helped one 19-yr old stay strong and hold on to his life, as he was rock bottom about to take it away; we also helped host a 19-year homeless sister.
  • Youth Leadership Certificate: More than 110 young minds sent an evening of teamwork, identity, leadership, science and literature.
  • Internships: We offered 12 youth in college and high school part-time employment, small steps towards  a fulfilling career.
  • Capital Improvements: Our interns reorganized the main hall, purchased a 55 inch TV for main hall presentations and worked on a plan for library organization.
  • Outreach: One of our college youth worked on a 2017 Accomplishments video giving snapshots of the whole year.
  • Adult Training: We offered two Systems Thinking workshops in Cairo, Egypt, to over 120 medical professionals at two hospitals at Al-Azhar University, the second oldest University in the world.
  • Community Seminars: ILIA held its 2nd Quarterly Mental Health Panel Discussion with Maryum Islamic Center. This session discussed root causes, mitigation and handling suicidal thoughts and events in our community.