EmpowerOne Teen Coaching


Alhamedellah ILIA’s EmpowerOne Teen coaching has accepted a number of student during the Winter 2015 quarter. Students joining the program ranged between 13 and 17 years of age, and have a diverse set of goals from academic excellence to social development and spiritual uplifting. Results alhamedellah are outstanding. EmpowerOne students join at one of three levels. The most rigorous which is EmpowerOne Amir where students are coached on a daily basis in person and work on a progressive set of goals over the course of a number of weeks or months to achieve the level of excellence they desire. Parents are also very heavily involved on a daily basis with the progress of their teen.

EmpowerOne Wazir also accepted international students this quarter who are coached online on a weekly basis, working on career, academic and social goals.

The program was at capacity in March and in April inshaa Allah ILIA is accepting up to six new students, and is also expanding its coaching for ADHD students ages 12-22. A free informational parent seminar is being held inshaa Allah in April.

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Students: 5
Volunteers: 1
Location: Maryland and Online