Enterprise Architecture as Strategy for Community Centers & Non-Profits



Two-day, 14 hr course / workshop discussing topics of enterprise architecture, its definition, application as a strategy tool for non-profits. Students will engage in a real case study for a non-profit and will apply EA to perform a full organizational assessment, recommendation and strategy development.


  • Learn the definition of an enterprise and architecture
  • Learn how enterprise architecture relates to other aspects of an organization such as its systems, processes, governance, activities and know-how.
  • Understanding of operating models and organizational perspectives
  • Understanding of the relative positioning of the components of an enterprise and its architecture
  • Understanding and the application of various artifacts of the perspectives of an enterprise architecture
  • Overview of Zackman and DODAF frameworks Application of EA to create a foundation for business execution and drive value


  • Lecture
  • Team activities
  • Case study
  • Student project: Apply EA as a strategy to non-profit of choice


  • Professionals with 2 years of organizational development experience


Ayman Nassar, M.Sc. CSEP, PMP, TOG, OE/MOQ

Ayman Nassar is founder and chairman of Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA) and has spent his career as a technology management and leadership practitioner, trainer, consultant and author. Ayman held positions as a Business & Enterprise Architect, Systems Engineer and Project Manager. As a Business Architect he developed a framework for IBM’s enterprise business governance, operations, systems, operations and non-functional domains. Ayman is also responsible for ensuring the application of systems engineering methodologies and concepts to complex software systems projects. Over the past two decades Ayman has managed a portfolio of dozens of projects valued over $250 million. Ayman offers project management training at Prince George’s Community College and UC Irvine. He is an inventor on patents in the area of telecom service management, and systems sustainability. He has dozens of papers, articles and publications in leadership, business management, systems engineering, project management and telecom, and is author of three project management books. He holds industry certifications in project management, systems engineering, quality management, IT architecture and networking.

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Deadline: Sept 13, 2013
Register online here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/6836792029