FAQ on the New Leadership Center


Alhamedellah there is a lot of excitment in the region about the new leadership development and research center. Ma shaa Allah heads of Islamic communities from across the DMV region and in other states have shown support. Supporters from as far as San Diego West and Cairo East have been pitching from amounts as little as $5 to as large as $10K alhamedellah. Over the past several weeks we received many questions we thought it might be a good idea to share them for everyone.

Dr Yaqub Mirza of Sterling Management stated “ILIA has everything its needs to launch into a national organization“. In a meeting last Friday with MCC’s Imam Mohamed Abdullah during MCC’s Friday youth night, he mentioned, “This work [ILIA is doing] is extremely important, we are dealing with a youth crisis“.


I live on the west coast, can I donate?

Yes, we have setup a secure link online on GoFundMe for anyone to donate as little a $5 from anywhere in the world.


I have made pledges to another organization earlier this year and can’t make a donation, how can I help?

There is no minimum amount to contribute, some people donate $20 / mnth, some do a one time of $5. Even small amounts add up. Allah swt does not look to our donation amount, bur rather the intention behind it and how many of us are united for a cause. Don’t let shaytan fool you and deter from even giving a small amount.


What is the smallest amount I can donate?

$1 is the least you can give, in cash or check; and $5 in credit card.

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I want to make a large donation, what is the best method?

For donations larger than $2000 we recommend you mail a check, or call us for credit card donations over the phone. Online donations using credit card are a bit cost prohibitive, a big chunk of your donation will go to the processing company. Please mail any checks to ILIA, PO Box 726, Clarksville, MD 21029 – to arrange for a credit card donation over the phone please email us at finance@islamicleadership.org, do not include any credit card info in emails.


Are donations zakat-eligible?

Yes, alhamedellah, our work is classified as zakat-eligible due to several factors; (1) many of our students are financially needy, homeless, or destitute, (2) we provide financial assistance to students who are also orphans, (3) same rules that apply to Islamic schools in the US apply to ILIA,  (4) we offer many free programs in jails, homeless shelters, dawaa, and have programs that assist students in empowering themselves to secure jobs, become debt free or self-sufficient.


Where is the center located?

In Baltimore City, very close to I-695 and I-70. The address is 4903 Liberty Heights Rd, Baltimore, MD 21207

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Are their any Muslim communities near the near center?

Yes, there is a large population in the Gwynn Oak area, Millford, and Catonsville. Other communities which are close to the new center are Columbia, Towson, Baltimore City and Laurel.


You are becoming even further than my house. I live in Bowie?

Not really, the center is not meant to replace our existing presence. We plan to retain the Howard County center insha Allah, and continue to offer services with our partners in College Park, Burtonsville, Silver Spring and Virginia as we always have been doing.


If the plan is to continue to ofer classes at area masjids, then why the new center?

The new center allows ILIA to provide all six of its framework cornerstones under one roof, also it is a regional center for the east coast with the goal of serving communities from New York to South Carolina, and the midwest inshaa Allah.


Has ILIA ever done classes outside the DMV area?

Alhamedellah ILIA has offered programs and classes in ten states on the east half of the country. Additionally, we have had international Muslims come to take classes at ILIA from overseas.


testimonials -02Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations are tax deductible, ILIA is a 501c(3).


How much can businesses contribute to be a sponsor?

Any amounts are welcome by anyone. To qualifiy as a listed sponsor on our website, email-list and social networks, business donations must be made in the name of the business and of at least $100. Smaller donations are acceptable and will be recognized with a receipt, however will not be eligible for listing on our promotional material and outlets.


When is the latest to donate?

We have two deadlines, one the week of Dec 15th, and we need to provide the seller with a date for the settlement, so we encourage donations to come in this week no later than the end of the week by 12/22. The final deadline is 12/31. Donations received after that will still be needed until we meet our goal of $160K.


How can I make a monthly donation?

You can use your credit card for monthly donations through paypal. You do not need a paypal account to use paypal, just visit this link and choose the amount of interest. If the amount you wish to donate does not show you may donate here instead and choose monthly when you enter your amount.


Do you guys think you can really make it. Some people I know say ILIA is small and is going to fall short on funds and will lose its deposit?

Everything is in the hands of Allah swt, we depend on Him, and are confident He has the best plans, if He wills for us to have the new facility for the Muslim ummah it shall happen regardless of the size of the organization. Inshaa Allah we look forward on closing on the deal, so far the support has been overwhelming and we raised close to half the amount needed. Those who are negative sayers will always exist, we need to have confidence in our Lord, plan properly and execute.


How much are people at ILIA compensated?

None of our directors, officers or founders are compensated. They do this work for the sake of Allah (swt) because they aspire to empower our youth and believe in the significance of the mission. Many of our instructors also donate their time and do not get compensated. Some instructors, tutors and coaches elect to get paid and alhamedellah ILIA’s compensation is very competitive. All details on the compensation of the board members and officers can be found here on our annual tax filings.


Can I visit the center before I donate?

Yes, we have access to the building, just contact us for an appointment. We also have an Open House on Saturday Dec 20th by appointment and invitation only, if interested email us at info@islamicleadership.org and we will send you details.


Can I donate assets other than cash or checks?

Yes, you may donate stocks, vehicles, real-estate, mutual funds even working appliances, books and antiques. Contact us at finance@islamicleadership.org if interested.


I wish to support but don’t have cash to donate, but would ILIA accept loans?

Yes, we accept good loans that bear no interest to one-time projects or time bounded initiatives. We accept loans from individuals or organizations for maturity durations of six months or more and for amounts of $2,000 or more. Lenders of loans of more than $25,000 will have full visibility into the cash flow of the project the loan is used to fund.