Financial Aid

Alhamedellah, through the grace of Allah (swt) and the contributions of our donors ILIA has been able to offer various forms of financial aid for its students. ILIA’s financial aid services is not designed to act as a welfare system, but provides students the opportunity to attend ILIA programs and develop themselves enabling them to produce solutions to the root cause of their financial difficulty.

A well known proverb goes, “Don’t give a poor man fish, but teach him how to fish”. At ILIA we strive to not only teach a poor man how to fish, but we exceed the basics by enabling the poor man to develop the tools needed to allow him to teach himself how to “fish” and to “fish” independently.

ILIA offers three financial aid packages, hence there is no excuse for anyone to not attend an ILIA offering due to financial hardship.

Get Financial Support

Event financial aid application is applicable to events with a tuition or fee cost below $60. This event financial aid provides a reduced tuition or fee. Applicants complete the application and email it, upon review a qualified applicant shall receive a discount code to use to register for the ILIA program and receive a discount.

Easy installment payments are available only to registered ILIA students. This financial solution is developed to allow students to pay for fees and tuition over 6 payments over a course of time not to exceed 6 months. The solution is available for balances of $60 or higher. To apply for easy installments complete this online form
Zakat / Grant Form is a non-refundable financial aid solution available to both registered and unregistered ILIA students. Zakat is available for emergency needs such as housing, food, transportation, work assistance, medical care expenses and end of life expenses. Grants are available for tuition assistance at ILIA or other educational institutions. Applicants applying for zakat or a grant need to complete the online form here