Sunday, Oct 2nd

Four Centuries of Islam in America and 9/11: Lessons and Vision


Join us inshaa Allah for a thought provoking intellectual discussion on the heritage of Islam in America, the impact of 9/11 and lessons learned from throughout the time. InshaaAllah we have three intellectuals who will share insights on how 9/11 impacted not only the Muslims but also the non-Muslims in America and around the world.

Event comprises of short invite guests speech and panel discussion, showing of “What a Billion Muslims Think” movie, a discussion on the history of Quran in America and its meaning translation in English, and a small exhibit of snapshots from the American Heritage Museum in Washington DC. Event sponsored by Islamic Leadership Institute of America, American Islamic Heritage Museum and Unity Productions Foundation.

Invited Guests:

 Dr. Daoud Nassimi lives in Herndon, Virginia. He teaches Islamic Studies at NOVA and Fairfax Institute. He has been an activist and student of Islam for the last 24 years in the United States and he has volunteered to serve the community as an Imam, teacher, counselor, marriage celebrant, administrator, and interfaith activist. Dr. Nassimi served as the vice-chairman of Council of Muslim Organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for 7 years. He has been a passionate and dynamic speaker and Khateeb in the DC area, at national conventions of Muslims, and other forums around the country. He is originally from Afghanistan and has a weekly TV show on the Qur’an and Islamic Thought in a Satellite TV channel (Payaam-e-Afghan) in Farsi and English. Dr. Nassimi has a unique and combined educational background in Engineering and Islamic Studies. Besides having a BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering and working experience in the telecommunications and satellite communications for 20 years, he studied the Arabic language and earned a second masters degree & PhD in Islamic studies. His PhD thesis was on a comparative review of English translations of the Qur’an. It was Dr. Nassimi’s passion to serve Islam and the community that led him to transition his career from engineering to Islamic studies.

 Mr. Amir Muhammad is an accomplished and noted researcher, historian, author, and poet whose works have gained him international recognition. Mr. Muhammad is the president, co-founder and curator of Collections & Stories of American Muslims, Inc. (Traveling Exhibit, Archives, & Museum), established in 1996. He is among the foremost historians and researchers of the Islamic experience in the United States as well as one of the leading activists in creating public awareness of America’s rich Islamic history. Amir Muhammad is an author of eight books, A Life’s Journey from the Heart of A Man; Muslims in America; Seven Centuries of History from (1312-2000); Africans: People of Color in Pre-Islamic & Islamic History; Muslims Contribution to the World; America’s Masajid & Islamic Centers: A Pictorial Account; Muslim Veterans of American Wars; Unique Tombstones: Found Across the United States; and The History of Masjid Muhammad and the Early Muslims in the Washington, DC area. His work has been published in many articles for national and international magazines and newspapers. Have sold more than 25,000 copies of Muslims in America: Seven Centuries of History books over the past 10 years. The book still sells very well today. I have also sold an average of more than 2,000 books of each title. Mr. Muhammad has lectured and exhibited at Harvard University, Stanford University, Rutgers University, Howard University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Indiana Bloomington, University of Florida, the University of Illinois Chicago, and a host of other universities and schools, the State Department, a variety of government agencies, Masajid, Churches, and community groups across the US, Bermuda, St. Thomas, Qatar, and Nigeria. He has won various awards for both his poetry and historical works. Mr. Muhammad has more than thirty years of business management and entrepreneurial experience.

 Mr. Ayman Nassar
is founder and chair of the board of directors of Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA). He held positions on the board of directors and advisors of several masjids and Islamic organizations in the US. Br. Ayman brings a diverse background to the institute ranging from expertise in non-profits, civic engagement, youth & family counseling and development, institutional governance and capacity building to technology & engineering, leadership and management, conflict resolution, facilitation and enterprise architecture. Br. Ayman has significant experience in establishing frameworks and processes for organizational systems, youth services & counseling, dawaa and interfaith dialogues, mentoring and leadership programs and Islamic institution governance. He is named inventor on two US patents and a pending patent in the area of service management and systems sustainability. He holds two masters degrees in the areas of engineering and management and is author of four books in the areas of leadership and management. Br. Ayman is an adjunct faculty member at Prince George’s Community College, University of California and former adjunct faculty at Howard Community College and Strayer University, and has offered dozens of public speeches at masjids, community centers, schools, youth groups and conferences in the US, Europe and the Middle East.