Jan 28, 2012

FAM102 – From Broken Hearts to Tranquil Nests

  • A not-to-be-missed program for 16-22 year old believers.
  • Bringing Islam into practice.
  • Real challenges, real successes
  • Pleasing Allah (swt) and being satisfied

An online class for ages 16-22 covering dating problems, gender relations, engagement, marriage, intercourse. Brings the fiqh of marriage, ihsan, taqwa and leadership into the heart of the young believer. Separate dates for brothers and sisters. Four sessions, each full of real life scenarios from school, home, masjid and the society at large. Interactive, private and anonymous. Tons of time for questions from the comfort of your home, and the privacy of your keyboard. Jewels to lead a successful marriage inshaa Allah.

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Jan 28, 2012 (Brothers Only) – http://tranquilhearts.eventbrite.com/