From Shelter to Home (Nov 5, 2011)

Brothers Ages 11-15


Educational objective(s):

1. Coach teens on teamwork

2. Develop organizational skills in teens

3. Develop basic planning skills in teens

4. Instill several values into teens, “give back”, “charity”, “zakat”, “rights”, “mo’alafa qoloobahom

5. Allow teens an opportunity to apply/experience Islamic adaab (manners) in a real life situation

6. Build rapport between younger generation and their mentors/coaches.

7. Build bridges between youth across various local communities
8. Assist a family moving out from a homeless shelter to get established in their new home.
9. Reflect on the day of Arafa and an opportunity to do good deeds on a great day.
10. Learn the adab of supplication “duaa”
1. Short 15-20 min fun orientation, (safety, planning, think before u do, do with care and passion, care for others what u care for self, etc..), rules and etiquette
2. Include a few ahadith or references to the Quran to some of the above
3. Riddles / quiz games
4. Break into teams with different roles for the activities
5. Plan a shopping list for the family, develop a budget, purchase items and install at new location
6. Lunch pizza and ice cream treat at the end
Coaches / Mentors:
Ibrahim Al-Arabi
Mathew Kiehne
Mohammad Ishaq
Time: 9am – 3pm
Hrs count towards internship credits. Middle Schoolers get awarded a stipend after 20 hrs of interning. This internship instance counts as 5hrs of work. All interns must record hrs at this link to receive credit for hours worked –
Limited to 6 interns.
Details on meeting place on the day of the internship will be sent to registered students. Transportation and snack provided by mentors.