Let ILIA Shine, I Need Your Headline

ILIA started in 2009 with $10 in the bank account and the vision of 4 bold people to build an institute that transforms its students. Almost four years later ILIA has touched the lives of 650+ students across seven states and is transforming the way they lead themselves, their families and communities. Many lives have changed. Today ILIA needs to raise $160K to be able to sustain its operations and provide the needed services for the American Muslim population and others who do not practice the Islamic faith and come across our doors.


Let ILIA Shine-3

On April 30th 2013¬†Jason Collins an NBA player announced he is black and gay. He is the first NBA player to come out in the open. News networks swiftly shared the news across the world from Qatar East to California west, our founder said if such a piece of news can make so much propaganda influencing millions of people especially the young ones then shame on me if I cannot say that I am brown and inspired by those who support Islamic Leadership Institute of America – ILIA and I need everyone’s attention on their headline. The youth look up to athletes and popular figures for role modeling. Can we make ILIA a role model organization for generations to come?

Can ILIA get you all to share our message on your wall and with others so that ILIA can shine?

Recently a group of female students have put together a video as part of this campaign. Watch their “It’s About the Present, Not the Future” video

Our young teen boys got jealous and decided to do one as well, they called it the ILIA Effect as they see ILIA from their perspective.

Watch the “Only Together We Can Build the ILIA We Want” video for a glimpse of ILIA and our funding needs.



General Donations are used in one of the following ways:

  • Fund tuition financial aid for our students
  • Provide emergency assistance for needy students and families (food, rent, eviction, medical expenses)
  • Fund new projects and organizational objectives which are not covered by fees.

Please support ILIA either through a one-time donation, or monthly recurring donations using paypal’s secure payment interface below.

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ILIA is a 501c(3) tax exempt non-profit charitable and educational organization. All donations are tax deductible and donors shall receive annual letters of donation.

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