Got Questions? Attend a Free ILIA Virtual Open House

Got Questions? Attend a Free ILIA Virtual Open House

Dear parents and prospective students welcome to ILIA. Join our monthly Virtual Open House where you can learn about the organization and ask questions about our programs the value our youth have been realizing for almost a decade. Alhamedellah, since ILIA was founded in 2009 we have touched the lives of over 2000 youth across ten states. youth have learned leadership skills, practiced various leadership styles training, received coaching, completed internships and delivered projects that impacted our communities.

Who: Parents and Youth
When: 2nd Tuesday of each month
What: Overview of ILIA, Q&A
Why: Benefit from the services ILIA has been offering since 2009
Host: Ayman Nassar, Founder & Chairman, ILIA

Common topics addressed are:

  • Overview about ILIA
  • What is the Mission of the Organization
  • Why should you Trust ILIA
  • Upcoming Events
  • How to join the Organization
  • How to Apply for Financial Aid
  • How my teen can earn a certificate of achievement in leadership
  • How my teen can get ready for college
  • Getting my teen to learn through an internship
  • Success stories and much more…

2018 Upcoming Dates:

Feb 13th
March 13th
April 10th
May 8th
July 10th
Aug 14th
Sept 11th
Oct 9th
Nov 13th
Dec 11th

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