Get Back into the School Business


We all had our fair share of frustration, tears, anxiety and blues during college. Whether its first year and we need to figure out if that major was really what we wanted, or if its sophomore and the terror stories we heard from others are ever going to go away, or its junior and we need to affirm the major or senior and we still don’t even know what we are doing and why we are doing it. For some of us we got it all down and have a well defined picture in our heads, but execution is rocky. For others we have no clue what we want, or maybe we know what we don’t want. Regardless which group you belong to, join us for a free Q&A session online to drop us a live question and chat about solutions. We will also share a few valuable concepts to

  • Boost our confidence in our decisions
  • Understand laws of life and how things really work
  • Break barriers and be liberated in our thinking

It’s that simple, keep it simple, because life is simple, actually it’s not, but we make it simple 😉

  • When: Wed, Sept 6th, 2017
  • Who College students and high school seniors and juniors
  • Why: Turn boring, meaningless school into an experience of a life-time
  • How: Q&A with tips and bits
  • Where: Online on your phone, in your dorm room, with your buddies

RSVP: Online here or below