ILIA Attends 12th Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America Conference

The Imam's conference provides an opportunity for scholarly review of current issues and the position of Islam as these issues impact Muslims in America.


Alhamedellah, ILIA has joined over 200 Imams from across the nation in Chicago the weekend of March 20th to discuss several key issues related to the governance of Masjids and Islamic institutions. From among the topics discussed were:

  • Formation of Masjids
  • Financing Masjids
  • Masjid Building Conversions
  • Fiqhi Diversity
  • Administrative Issues
  • Outreach and Dawaa Issues
  • Ramadan and Moon Sightings
  • Funeral Prayers
  • Khutbah Issues and Use of Technology and Foreign Languages
  • Financial Issues in Masjids

The event was a good outreach opportunity and allowed for many interactive and networking opportunities. For more information about AMJA and the conference visit

During the event ILIA’s President, Ayman Nassar shared briefly best practices in youth development and three main requirements for implementing successful youth programming at Masjids during the Q&A portion. He shared that implementing youth development programs in Masjids is a complex and scientific process based on understanding of education, psychology, adolescence development, community development, family culture, organizational governance, social behavior, teen culture and local laws and regulations. He further added that each Masjid needs to tailor its programming to its youth population and incorporate these domains above ensuring that control, context, diversity and decision-making is properly implemented.