ILIA Receives Columbia Foundation Grant for Robotics Leadership Club


Alhamedellah, with the blessings of Allah, ILIA has received a small mini-grant to fund its robotics club. ILIA has recently started a Robotics Club to to provide a safe haven for Howard County youth ages 8-18, and a place to apply their interests and skills in a STEM area with the objective of instilling critical thinking, teamwork, patience, analysis and planning into these young minds. The club is open for all youth of all backgrounds on Saturdays from 6pm to 9pm, allowing them to spend time in a beneficial way, as well as an opportunity to experience and practice STEM concepts in a practical environment.
The Club started with a middle school group and is inshaa Allah launching a high school group soon. The grant will be used to offer club sessions in Howard County, Maryland. For more details about club groups visit

Counties or cities interested in starting a robotics club in their jurisdiction may contact the club at