ILIA Showcases I Can Lead Plus to Howard County, State Agencies and a Dozen Non-Profits


Alhamedellah, ILIA has showcased its work at the Howard County Detention Center over the past several years and shared success stories and highlighted challenges with officials from a number of Howard County and State of Maryland agencies, as well as over a dozen non-profits working in the fields of education, human development, social services, inmate reentry, public safety and homelessness. ILIA’s founder shared its unique leadership development framework, its philosophy and details about EmpowerOne, I Can Lead and ILIA’s Internships. He also shared ILIA’s most recent work, “A New Model for Inmate Reentry Through Integrated Leadership Development” which was well received by the attendees.

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From among the present organizations were Howard Community College, Grassroots, Howard County Detention Center, State of Maryland Dept of Safety and Correctional Services, Howard County Dept of Social Services, and numerous non-profits from around the region. ILIA’s new regional center will be able to provide a physical location for all of ILIA’s development framework cornerstones under one roof, among the capabilities of the center will be residence for two students, a requirement by some of ILIA’s programs.