Innovation Governance and Transformation


Innovation, Governance and Transformation Full Weekend Mini-Conference for Young Professionals and College Scholars

Jan 19 – 20, 2013

Taught by seasoned experts in the domains of leadership, governance and innovation, this hands-on working mini-conference provides the opportunity for young professionals and college scholars who aspire to become leaders in their domains and look forward to transforming real-life challenging complex problems into opportunities of growth through a process of thought leadership and empowerment. Attendees of this mini-conference will engage in two-days of group discussions, analysis of real business and political leadership case studies, critical analytical thinking, systems engineering concepts and discussions with accomplished business leaders who transformed nations through technology, medicine, management and organizational development. 

The 2-day workshop conference provides attendees not only with a special unique educational opportunity, but also with access to mentorship and internship avenues post the conference, and a unique platform for a professional jump start.

This conference is not for the average college graduate, it is designed for those who want to make an impact on the World and leave a fingerprint transforming challenges into opportunities.

Abrar Ansari
Partner, Environmental Resource Management (ERM)
Founder, Management By Islam (MBI)

Ayman Nassar
Founder, Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA)

Mohamed Eltoweissy, Ph.D.
Consultant, Professor affiliated with The Bradley Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech and The Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept at the University of Arizona. Former Chief Scientist for Cyber Security Research at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Yasser Hagazi, Ph.D.
CEO & Chairman, Daana Corporation
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology


Conference attendees shall gain insights on how to solve national and international complex problems such as health-care, energy, education and others, and will be given an opportunity for coaching post the mini-conference with possibility of placement in an apprentice-like mentoring environment.


– Hands-on project activity

– Analyzing real case studies from the business and political world

– Creating God Conscious best management practices

– Applying concepts from the Quran and Prophetic traditions

– Team Presentations

– Group discussions

– Full-day interactions

– 1-1 discussions with coaches/instructors

– Q&A with accomplished Muslim CEOs / key note speakers




– Understand your own psychological profile

– Learn basics of the four key leadership styles

– Assess self on the four leadership style traits

– Understand the concept of transformation in Islam

– Learn about cornerstones of good governance

– Learn the Islamic perspective on governance

– Learn how to build an environment conducive to innovation and problem solving

– Understand the relationship between governance, innovation, leadership and transformation

– Learn how to analyze complex problems using God Conscious systems approaches and methodologies
























Who: College Students who completed 30 credits of undergraduate studies, a GPA of at least 2.75; or professionals
When: Sat – Sun, Jan 19-20, 2013
Deadline to register: Jan 7, 2012
Fees: $300
Financial Aid available
Register online