Islamic Leadership Institute of America – Center Overview

Leadership Center

The new facility will allow ILIA more space to expand its services in particular the center will house the following three main areas:

Facility can inshaa Allah accomodate:

  • Doubling of the office space for interns and researchers
  • Increased space for leadership-based academic enrichment programming
  • 5000 volume specialized leadership, governance and management library
  • Hostel for up to four students
  • Large event hall

The revenue generating mission-related activities we plan to offer at the center are:

  • Leadership-based Academic Enrichment Center (Mission Excellence) in the Evenings and Weekends
  • Youth Coaching and Mentoring (EmpowerOne)
  • Youth and Family Counseling (EmpowerOne)
  • Weekly Leadership Classes and Certification Programs on Weekends

The non-revenue generating mission-related activities we plan to offer at the center are:

  • Leadership Studies & Research Center (currently in beta; we have 3 interns working in the areas of (1) “Developmental Guide for Parents of Muslim ADHD Children”, (2) “Strengths and Weaknesses of Islamic Weekend Schools” and (3) “A New Model for Inmate Reentry Through Integrated Leadership Development”)
  • 5000 Volume Library Specializing in Leadership & Management (Specializing in Islamic and non-Islamic literature related to Governance, Innovation, Leadership & Management)

Other revenue generating non-mission related activities we plan to offer at the center are:

  • Child care center during week days
  • Multi-purpose hall rental
  • Youth hostel

The Impact

ILIA has impacted the lives of over 700 students across seven states, the extra space allows ILIA to kick-off its research activities and grow its existing educational programs.

ILIA - Infographic

Support America’s unique leadership institute. ILIA has been a pioneer in developing innovative leadership development frameworks and is the first organization world-wide to offer Islamic values and principled based leadership development training such as its Youth Project Management flagship certification program. ILIA’s EmpowerOne mentoring, coaching and counseling program is another example of an invaluable resource for the Muslim community. EmpowerOne has literally saved lives alhamedellah. A sister transformed her life from taking pills and being suicidal to a top performer at a top state University, a brother transformed his life from partying, drinking, falling into sin, dropping out of school, abandoning his parent and getting in trouble with the law into an ambitious STEM student at a top four year University, and lastly a high performing brother at high school was able to gain a huge leap to further excel and become the top student in his class and secure a full college scholarship, a few examples of inspiration stories of ILIA’s unique coaching and mentoring model.


The total cost of the project is $160,000


The Facility

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How to Help

  • Share with friends and family the great news of this very needed organization and its project.
  • Encourage others to donate online, even if its a single dollar. They can donate on gofundme and share the news –
  • People can also donate on ILIA’s website directly as well at
  • Checks or money orders can be mailed to ILIA at PO Box 726, Clarksville, MD 21029