Leadership Mentoring & Coaching

With the grace of Allah (SWT) ILIA offers several leadership mentoring programs. Each program is designed and developed to meet certain objectives and interests of the student.

Accelerator Leadership

A week long intensive accelerated leadership program for ages 13 – 19. For more details check this link.



A leadership mentoring program offered in four different focus areas. Students can choose to mentor in one of the three areas, more than one or all three. Areas of interest are academic mentoring, social mentoring, career mentoring and life coach mentoring.


Academic mentoring: Middle School – Post Graduate (Grades 6 – Ph.D. Students)
Social mentoring: Middle School – College (Ages 13 – 23)
Career mentoring: High School and above (Ages 16 – 50)
Life coaching: High School and above (Ages 16 – 50)

Register here: http://islamicleadership.eventbrite.com/


Shadow Mentoring

Alhamedellah ILIA has two leadership shadowing opportunities for high school students grades 10-12. Leadership shadowing shall allow the student to learn various leadership skills and styles by accompanying ILIA’s leaders on various assignments. Allah (SWT) commanded Musa (pbuh) to go and shadow Al-Khidr to learn from him various traits, specifically the leadership trait of patience. It is encouraged that all young people attend a shadowing program at some point of their life to gain diverse perspectives of work, life and the application of concepts of our deen into practice.

Shadowing is a ILIA-supervised leadership exploration activity. Students “shadow” ILIA’s leaders as they perform activities and responsibilities. Job shadows are designed to be short term. Leadership shadows emphasize observing the leader in various situations, and occasionally assist with simple assignments. The leadership shadow provides the student a meaningful introduction to the world and provides a context for understanding the relationship and interaction between the academics taught, Islamic values and principles and the society in a leadership context.

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