amu aymanIn the Name of Allah; the Gracious, the Merciful

Assalam Alaekom

I am thankful Almighty Allah Who bless us with a successful year 2013. I am also grateful to all those people who participated in the ILIA programs and activities in 2013 without whom, we would not have been able to celebrate a successful 2013.

This is the reality that the world is facing a scarcity of leadership in each and every field and we need to build and develop leaders. We work with the belief that every individual have an inherent leader at different levels and we believe that leadership capabilities can be strengthened and polished by inducing researched based calculated and timely inputs from outside.

To counter the leadership scarcity, we need leaders of character who have the courage, vision and muscles to change not only their own lives but also to have a great positive impact on the lives of others and who have the charisma and spirit to inspire others.

ILIA is equipping dozens of students round the year with special skills and leadership abilities in different fields and we are growing with a reasonable pace but we are still not satisfied by the level of participation of the Muslim communities and they are not getting the benefits of our programs the way they need to.

ILIA is a place for you, your children and your families. We have, what you and your children need to prosper and succeed. We welcome you to actively participate in our programs in the coming years.

We hope you will join and help us with great enthusiasm and passion and help materialize our vision by fully participating and supporting our programs and activities for 2014.