Middle School Sisters First to Visit New Center


Alhamedellah, a group of ILIA middle school students urged to visit the new center on a brisk Sunday afternoon as they walked out from the Sunday School at their local masjid. The youngsters wanted to check the place out and see “if we can do sisters’ only sports activities there”. The small group was accompanied by two of ILIA’s early founding members, Ayman Nassar and Ammar Nada. The sisters walked around the property, visualized how they can use the main hall for activities without boys peeking at them. The dark basement, left behind artifacts from the seller and the garden in the rear of the facility and the water fountain intrigued the sisters into recording a scary and thrill video at the property.

  • Date: Sunday, Dec 7th, 2014
  • Location: Future ILIA Leadership Center
  • Impact: 5 students
  • Ages: 10-13
  • Hrs: 1.5
  • Volunteers: 2
  • Paid ILIA Staff: 0
  • Financial Investment: $0
  • In-Kind Donations: $5