Mission Leadership 2014


Mission Leadership-HS-2013-05-17


Mission Leadership is a comprehensive 10-day intermediate leadership program for high school students based on ILIA’s state-of-the-art flagship leadership delivery approaches. The program is comprehensive and open to all students interested in expanding their horizons and developing themselves to excel professionally and attain a competitive advantage during and after high school years. Students usually come from prestiguous educational institutes and are among the top of their class.


During these 10-days students will be submerged into a variety of leadership traits  and experience their application in different leadership styles based on Islamic values and principles. The training will take place across a diverse set of approaches from outdoor remote retreats to classroom and internships. Students who successfully complete the full program receive a Certificate in Leadership and 10 ILIA Educational Units (IEU).


International students will be housed with Muslim American families and spend their days and evenings joining workshops, visiting landmarks, retreats, recreational sites and applying concepts learned in community projects and/or internships, and other activities listed on the flyer above.

International students must obtain own medical insurance from country of origin, and a written note from physican stating no medical restrictions to perform physical activity, visiting high altitudes (mountains). Students are also responsible for securing entry visa into the US.

There is a $250 deposit per student that shall be refunded at the end of the program upon successful completion of learning objectives as assessed by instructors and chaperones. Students shall be provided a qualitative assessment as well as an exam covering behavioral, educational and developmental objectives of the program.

There will be orientation for exchange students 2 weeks prior to departure from home country. Host students and families will also receive orientation one week prior to the start of the program.

Activities will take place during day and evenings, students will have free time throughout the program for worship services, sight-seeing, shopping, entertainment, and personal needs.



Visiting students and host students shall be placed in a 5 day internship at a local business where they can develop experience in one of the following areas with leadership application:

  • Software development
  • Software testing
  • Marketing
  • Robotics
Internship will be arranged on a student-per student basis



Visiting and hosting students shall receive the following books and handouts as part of the program:

  • Warren Bennis and Joan Goldsmith, “Learning to Lead”.
  • Rafeek Beekin, “Leadership: An Islamic Perspective”.
  • Ayman Nassar, “Project Management in 3-Hrs”.
  • Ayman Nassar and Mahmoud Abouelrous, “Youth Project Mgmt Workbook”.
  • Ayman Nassar, “Mission Leadership: A Collection of Leadership Traits and Styles of Aspiring Leaders”.


To register visit the Mission Leadership Summer 2014 – High School registration page