Islamic Leadership Institute of America serves both Muslims and non-Muslims. Our goal is to develop our students and provide them with the best possible training and developmental tools to enhance their leadership traits and styles based on Islamic values and principles, allowing them to transform challenges into opportunities and exhibit independence in tool formation and idea creation.

The purpose of ILIA’s programming is to challenge the minds and imaginations of our students achieving a better understanding of the world they live in and their role and responsibility in that world.

Our key objectives are:

  • Enable youth to learn essential skills to become productive citizens of their society and knowledgeable ambassadors of their faith
  • Provide youth with the tools needed to progress and continue their learning journey independently
  • Offering services to youth to provide them with a sense of citizenship, security, stability and empowerment
  • Provide alternatives to youth who might have been drifting away from best practices, helping them regain their faith and law abiding citizens
  • Coach and train youth and adults onto best practices of teamwork and a strong family and society structure
  • Develop professionals in the non-profit and government sectors that interact with youth such as teachers, imams, counselors and care providers
  • Train professionals in areas of leadership, management, governance and innovation
  • Develop and train youth and adults on various leadership traits and style at the personal, team and community levels