Sept. 25, 2010

Mountain Strong Brothers



Not only will your child experience activities to build their Islamic identity, but also they will be exposed to several key concepts related to patience and perseverance. Based on the Quran and Sunnah, this leadership retreat for pre-teens provides an opportunity for youth to develop in their deen and put it into practice.

Don’t miss this great opportunity for your child to join the program, where your son will gain insights into a key attribute of leadership in a youthful way.


Mountain Hiking, Swimming, BBQ, Soccer, Team Activities, Group Competitions, Quizzes, Group Discussions


Shenandoah Region, VA


Limited financial aid available for eligible participants. Fees include three meals, leadership booklets/handouts, certificates of attendance


Leave after Fajr, return by Ishaa, inshaa Allah bus leave prompty inshaa Allah from (BUS WILL NOT WAIT FOR LATE COMERS)

Dar Al-Taqwa, Columbia Maryland – 6:00am
Dar us-Salaam, College Park – 6:30am
Adams Center, Herndon – 7:30am