Mountain Strong

Mountain Strong Flyer 1

Mountain Strong 

 As a part of a series of leadership development classes, Mountain Strong  provides the youth with not only the opportunity to experience activities to build  their Islamic identity, but they will be also be exposed to several key concepts  related to patience and perseverance. Based on the Quran and practice of the  Prophet, this leadership retreat for pre-teens provides an opportunity for youth to  develop in their deen and put it into practice. During the retreat the students will  be accompanied with trained chaperons who have experience in youth  programs, and have conducted programs at area Masjids for several years  including trips and other off-site programs.

Back country Mountain and Valley Hiking, Camping, Swimming, Sports, Team   Activities, Group Competitions, Quizes, Group Discussions, Fishing, Canoeing.

Enrolment in the program is competitive and only limited number of 20 students  will be accepted. Students require a recommendation letter from their school teacher, local Imam or sports coach.

Duration: 15 hrs

Meals: Morning and afternoon snacks, lunch and Dinner included