New Students

As salam alakom dear student and welcome to ILIA.

ILIA is the leading organization in leadership programming based on Islamic values serving youth, families and organizations within and outside of the Muslim communities across the US. With the grace of Allah (swt) we have offered programs in Virginia, Michigan, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Delaware and our home the State of Maryland.

Mak Some Noise

ILIA has over 700 enrolled students between the ages of 7 and 70. To learn more about ILIA’s services visit our services pages services area page here. ILIA offers its services through six cornerstones; Certifications, Academic Enrichment, Internships, Coaching, Clubs and Projects. Alhamedellah ILIA is a leader in the field of leadership development and training, introducing innovative ideas and approaches to deliver leadership programming to various age groups, backgrounds and environments. To learn more about the student populations we serve visit services pages here.

New students are required to complete an admissions process which includes the following:

1. Complete a short online application.

2. Pay a one-time admission processing fee online