Organize and Thrive

As salam alakom
If you never completed an internship application with ILIA then prior to registering please apply online here and then come back and complete this registration. Otherwise go ahead and complete the registration here for this internship instance

Sisters Ages 12-17

Educational objective(s):

1. Coach teens on teamwork

2. Develop organizational skills in teens

3. Develop basic planning skills in teens

4. Reflect on the migration to madinah and the new hijri year

5. Allow teens an opportunity to apply/experience Islamic adaab (manners) in a real life situation

6. Build rapport between younger generation and their mentors/coaches.

Internship/volunteer Work:

1. Organize and inventory office files and supplies

2. Sort documents and compile data

3. Decorate and beautify office

4. Activities

Coaches / Mentors:
Mariam Eltoweissy
Walaa Sidky

Time: 9am – 1pm

Hrs count towards internship credits. Students get awarded a stipend after 20 hrs of interning. This internship instance counts as 4hrs of work. All interns must record hrs at this link to receive credit for hours worked –

Limited to 6 interns.

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