Our Prayers to the Families


Condolescences for Pakistani Children


The significance of education and learnig in Islam is so high. The very first words revealed in the Quran to mankind by Angel Jabriel to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them) was “Recite in the name of your Lord”. It is a command and a call not only to Muhammad, (pbuh) but to all humanity. A call to accept divine knowledge and open the mind and hearts to ponder on the creation and understand one’s purpose in life.

Similiarly, the first communication between Allah (glory be to Him) and Adam (pbuh) was a dialogue of learning. Allah taught Adam the names of all the creation around him. Allah (swt) then asked the Angels to announce the names of those creatures, and they failed acknowledging that they have no knowledge except what Allah (swt) bestowed upon them. Indeed Allah (swt) in many places of the Quran emphasizes the importance of learning, knowing and applying the knowledge acquired for promoting good and preventing evil.

The first creation by Allah (swt) was the tool of learning, the pen. It was created and commanded to write everything that will occur by the will of Allah (swt). We ask Allah (swt) to write us from among those who are promoting good and preventing evil, and not from among those who are ignorant and misguided, or those who reject the truth and its applications.