What is ILIA?
A non-profit 501c(3) educational and research organization founded in the State of Maryland in 2009/1430 to promote leadership development, education and research based on Islamic values and principles through personalized experiential learning leadership programs to develop a new breed of leaders whose actions are driven by being a mercy to mankind; and carry on activities permitted by organizations which are exempt from Federal income tax under IRS section 501(c)(3), serving the Muslim and non-Muslim American population through our innovative and unique 6L framework comprising of:
  • leadership certifications
  • leadership clubs
  • internships
  • leadership-based tutoring
  • mentoring, coaching and counseling
  • capacity building projects


What’s Unique About ILIA?

  1. Our Premise: leadership is an innate human capacity that can be developed in everyone
  2. Our Methodology: personalized learning through experience
  3. Our Offerings: six educational pillars: Certificates, Mentoring, Internships, Field Studies, Projects, and Tutoring
  4. Our Outcome: Leaders intertwined with their communities transforming challenges into opportunities