What is ILIA?
A non-profit 501c(3) educational and research organization founded in the State of Maryland in 2009/1430 to promote leadership development, education and research based on Islamic values and principles, through personalized experiential learning leadership programs. The organization serves both youth ages 9-25 and adults over 25 through leadership certification, coaching & mentoring, community capacity building and internships. The organization services are open to all individuals regardless of their faith. In addition to its educational and research mission it provides youth development and counseling services for ages 13-25 with support for youth suffering from substance abuse, homelessness, domestic challenges, academic suspension, unemployment and operates a Youth Crisis Line.
The goal of the organization is to develop a new breed of leaders whose actions are driven by being a mercy to mankind,  serving the Muslim and non-Muslim American population through our innovative and unique 6L framework comprising of:
  • leadership certifications
  • leadership clubs
  • internships
  • leadership-based tutoring
  • mentoring, coaching and counseling
  • capacity building projects


What’s Unique About ILIA?

  1. Our Premise: leadership is an innate human capacity that can be developed in everyone
  2. Our Methodology: personalized learning through experience
  3. Our Offerings: six educational pillars: Certificates, Mentoring, Internships, Field Studies, Projects, and Tutoring
  4. Our Outcome: Leaders intertwined with their communities transforming challenges into opportunities

The organization is chartered to carry on activities permitted by organizations which are exempt from Federal income tax under IRS section 501(c)(3),