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Paid Summer Internships for UMD Students


Alhamedellah through the grace of Allah, ILIA has established a relationship with University of Maryland in a number of career development areas. ILIA has been one of the Walter Sondheim Leadership Program’s grant awardees. All students enrolled in the University System of Maryland are eligible to apply for a summer internship with ILIA.

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PRIMARY CONTACT          Ayman Nassar

NAME OF MENTOR            Dr. Talaat Shehata

MENTOR’S TITLE               Vice President, Education

ADDRESS                 3565 A2 Suite 202, Ellicott Mills Dr, Ellicott City, MD 21043

PHONE            240.765.7151


PREFERRED MAJORS OF INTERNS   Education, Engineering Management, English,
Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Economics, Information Systems, Media and Communications, MBA
Prep Studies

interest to

Please describe how your organization will benefit from having a Nonprofit Leadership Intern.
Interns will assist ILIA through the development of strategies and plans that shall be used in long term
planning, and various business initiatives for offering services to ILIA adult and youth students.

Please indicate why this organization is an appropriate place to learn about nonprofit management.
ILIUM is a non-profit organization dedicated to leadership development and research. The intern will have
a great opportunity to work first hand in an environment that promotes leadership at all levels. ILIA teaches
and trains non-profits on leadership and management topics. The intern will have the opportunity to work
with seasoned members of the board of directors and officers who bring decades of experience to ILIA.
ILIA is a fast pace startup organization with a team of ambitious young and experienced volunteers and
leaders. Intern shall have the opportunity to not only work locally but also meet with many other non-profits
and expand expertise and horizons through interacting with non-profits along the East Coast.

Please describe the duties and responsibilities that will be assigned to the intern.  Interns should   83
be assigned tasks that merit their talent and achievement and foster an interest in public service
and nonprofit management.

Interns can benefit ILIA as listed in the table below according to their background and major

Major  Benefit / Responsibility
Education  Intern will assist the education division of ILIA in developing criteria for
instructors who teach ILIA’s training courses, in addition intern will assist
in researching best approaches for teaching and learning for youth and
adults who attend ILIA’s workshops. Intern shall identify organizational
capabilities required to ensure a learning-centered environment.
Researching best approaches for teaching ex-inmates re-entering the
society, at-risk youth, talented and gifted youth, professionals at non-
profits and adults.

Engineering Mgmt /
MBA Prep Studies
Assist in development of management and leadership curriculum for
ILIA organizational leadership services that will be used by schools, jails
and shelters.

English  Assist in developing strategies for literature development, call for
authors, call for papers and develop and evaluate criteria for author
submissions. Books shall be used by students, incarcerated youth and
underprivileged citizens.

Assist in development of management and leadership curriculum for
ILIA organizational leadership services; as well as support
organizational partnerships, collaboration models and business
development initiatives. Perform organizational conflict resolution,
analyze and study past conflict situations within and among
organizations and develop conclusions and recommendations.

Economics  Assist in development of management and leadership curriculum for
ILIA organizational leadership services. Developing budgets and
schedules for the implementation of initiatives and plans.

Information systems  Assist in development of technology strategy for student administrative
services, business and enterprise architecture frameworks and strategic
technology enablers

Media &
Assist in development of public outreach strategies, online and off-line
donation campaigns, social media and online media strategic and
tactical approaches and plans. Assist in developing meeting agendas
for meetings with other local leaders at public agencies, non-profits and
for-profit businesses. Assist in multimedia presentations development
and production strategies (Might involve cross country travel at ILIA’s

What specific knowledge and/or skills will be gained by the intern through their work with your agency?
•    Leadership skills (diversity, critical thinking, systemic approaches, organizational skills,
presentation skills, writing skills, planning skills, implementing change, conflict resolution,
•    Learning-centered knowledge.
•    Operations of a non-profit.
•    Curriculum development knowledge.
•    Teacher assessment skills.
•    Business skills (accounting, financial planning, pricing, product offering, partnerships,
business development)
•    Technology development, business analysis, strategy and planning, IT systems, business
process management.
•    Mentoring, coaching, youth development, homelessness, correctional systems
•    Social networking, online marketing, book publishing, online publishing, web development,
video production
•    Research skills

a.         This intern will be located in:  Howard County / BW Metro Area
b.         Local travel will be required in order to perform the work: No

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