Project Management in 3 Hrs


InshaAllah ILIA is having a class on November 3, 2012 from 9am – 1pm called Project Management in 3 Hrs.  The class will be taught by Ibrahim El-Araby.

Ibrahim joined the ILIA imara in 2012. Ibrahim is a project management by profession and holds a certification in project management (PMP), he is also PMOC and CPH certified. At ILIA Ibrahim is active with Middle and High School internships, Green Sprouts and long term planning and governance. He brings to ILIA over two decades of international experience in project management, sound organizational governance, agile management and a passion for developing the Muslim ummah. His interests are green technologies, quality management, project and program management, low-income neighborhoods development, youth empowerment and leadership.

PM-100: Principles of Project Management in 3 Hrs

Instruction: 3 Hr interactive training / coaching class from 6pm to 9pm.

Instructor: Ibrahim El-Araby, PMP, PMOC, CPH



Ayman Nassar, “Principles of Project Management in 3-Hrs”, Intercontinental Networks Press, Feb 2009.


Class Handouts

White papers

Real case studies

Class drills

Group activities


3290 Pine Orchard Lane Ellicott City, MD 21042 Suite A5

Topics Covered:

Definition of a project

Project life cycle

Project processes and management methodology

Scope management

Integration management

Work breakdown structures

Schedule development

Cost and activity estimation

Risk management

Why Attend this Workshop?

The principles of project management are applicable to not only projects, but many other areas. More than ever it is important that during such challenging economic times we manage our lives, businesses and projects effectively. These are the times where efficiencies are not optional.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom interested in making your daily chores easier and striving to spend more time with your kids, or a professional involved in managing others, or a leader responsible for getting project deliverables on time within budget, or a student looking forward to good grades and a career of opportunities, or a house owner embarking on a roof maintenance project. This class is for you.

Register early!! Some prep work is needed prior to attending the workshop, so make sure not to delay in registration.

Participants will get the opportunity to work in teams, learn and apply concepts of project management directly to real cases.

What Will I Learn if I Attend the Workshop?

How to organize activities

How to develop realistic schedules

How to define what work needs to be accomplished to achieve a goal

How to track your progress in achieving your goals

How to adjust and control changes that could impact your goal achievement

How to estimate costs of activities

How to ensure that projects that go-on forever

How to identify risks and mitigate them

Who should Attend?

College students

Team leads

Professionals seeking employment

Professionals interested in improving management and leadership skills

Individuals who enjoy working on small projects at home

Individuals who deal with contractors

Small business owners

Just about anyone !

Quotes from Past Programs

“Instructor was very knowledgeable, and made the course very interesting” – Senior Staff Member, Local Government Agency in PG County, Maryland

“Very good overview of a broad topic. I was happy to get the basics in a few hours. Good use of my time” – Scientist at a Federal research and engineering agency, Maryland

“Excellent high level intro to project management, instructor was clear, interesting, motivating and very knowledgeable – he is obviously an expert in the field, would gladly attend another course” – Olivia Lupie, Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland.

To register for the class click here.