Ramadan 1432

Ramadan 1432


Alhamedellah since ILIA’s inception it has been working hard to develop our communities to be self-sufficient and at the leading edge of the society, an example for others around us. Whether its the one-of-a-kind Youth Project Management class which developed with the grace of Allah (SWT) into a full fledged program of six-classes bringing our youth to the application of Islam in their communities and lives, or the flagship Mission Excellence leadership based tutoring, ILIA has been filling an area of need.

Alhamedellah simply put, ILIA changes lives !!!

Through the grace of Allah (SWT) we have trained over 350 students in six states, mentored and counseled dozens of youth, families and Muslim organizations. ILIA recently launched our online services. This Ramadan ILIA needs your help to continue its mission of developing leaders for sustainable communities.

Your donation will help ILIA continue to provide character development, citizenship training, and leadership skills for youth and families across America. Some ways your donation could help our students are shared

  • Not only provide housing assistance to our students, but to teach them how to lead in their field as a role model Muslim to not only keep their home, but to pave the road building homes for others.
  • Not only to tutor a needy student to excel at school, but also to be an example for other younger students and become a tutor himself.
  • Not only to teach a parent how to deal bridge the gap with her teen, but also to give her the tools to coach herself and other parents on making the click.
  • Not only help a brother find a job, but also to show him the tools to be a contributor to the community.

A few examples that might seem trivial but they change people’s lives. Be part of making a lasting difference. Be part of a continuous sadaqa.

Help us reach our goal of $30K. Together we can reach our goal and keep the work going. Make your donation below, and enjoy some of the feedback from our students, volunteers and students’ parents.


Empower One:

“It’s hard to believe that there was once a time in my life where I didn’t know where I was headed. Uncertainty plagued every move I made, and I was going nowhere but down. It was the Empower One program and the help of an amazing mentor that not only guided me back up to where I was, but to further heights than I had ever imagined before. Empower One is no misnomer, while true empowerment happens only by the will of Allah, we can always use a guiding hand to get there.”
—- EmpowerOne Student

Avalanche Brothers:

“If you’ve never seen 20 brothers careening down a mountain, screaming their heads off, you have truly missed out on one of life’s ‘better’ moments. And if you missed the lesson of courage embedded into the ski trip, then you have truly missed out on one of life’s most important lesson. Whether its learning how to brave the top of the mountain, or learning to brave the hardships of life, Avalanche taught me about more than just skiing.”
—- ILIA Volunteer

Mountain Strong:

“It takes a lot of skill to conquer the mountain, but it takes patience bigger than the mountain itself to get to the top. Through patience determination and brotherhood, we all found our way to the top.”
—- ILIA 2010 Youth Chaperone






“The Mountain Strong  hike helped the young sisters see how different people work and think in groups”
—- Parent of 2010 Sister Mountain Strong

Mission Excellence Tutoring:

“As a long time tutor, I have personally never seen a style quite like Mission Excellence Tutoring. While other tutoring services aim at simply teaching material to the students, Mission Excellence aims at teaching students to teach themselves. Along with the regular math, science, history, exct, the Mission Excellence program integrates qualities of leadership and Islam into the curriculum, which motivates the students to be their own leaders. Overall, I can most students who get tutored by this program for only one 6 week session, don’t have to be tutored anymore because they are taught to analyze their school material more constructively.”
—- ILIA Mission Excellence Tutor

Mission Excellence Tutoring:

“.. (my sons) had their first (ILIA tutoring) session today (April 25), from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Alhamdulilah, it went very well.  I don’t think it’s premature to say that it was a very positive experience for them.  They enjoyed the session and were complementing <the tutor> highly.  Not only that, they came back home motivated with a “can-do” attitude.  They continued with their studies not wanting to waste it on watching TV or going outside even though it’s a lovely day.  I am very pleased. “
— A mother from Northern Virigina

Make the Click Bridge the Gap:

“the (Make the Click) workshop was so beneficial and applied. I was able to use the material and subject matter the same week in two counseling instances (in Washington DC) …”
— Imam Bilal Ali, Director of the Militi Islami Homeless Shelter, Washington DC.

Leadership 101:

“The youth appreciated the Mountain Strong books and enjoyed their time with your group. We would love to have ILIA back”
— Principal, Weekend Hifz School, Islamic Center of Raleigh.