Ramdan 1433 – Zakat Appeal

Alhamedellah since ILIA’s inception it has been working hard to develop our communities to be self-sufficient and at the leading edge of the society, an example for others around us. Whether its the one-of-a-kind Youth Project Management class which developed with the grace of Allah (SWT) into a full fledged program of six-classes bringing our youth to the application of Islam in their communities and lives, or the flagship Mission Excellence leadership based tutoring, ILIA has been filling an area of need.

Alhamedellah simply put, ILIA changes lives !!!

THE ILIA DIFFERENCE: ILIA does not only provide funds to a needy person to buy food, nor do we only we teach the person how to work, so they can earn the money independently to buy the food. We teach the person how to develop the tools needed to find the work, to earn the money to become independent. 

Through the grace of Allah (SWT) we have trained over 450 students in six states, mentored and counseled dozens of youth, families and Muslim organizations. This Ramadan ILIA needs your help to continue its mission of developing leaders for sustainable communities.

ILIA  is eligible for zakat as it serves the following zakat eligible cases directly:

  • Homeless /Destitute Muslims
  • Needy Families
  • Orphans
  • New Muslims / Non-Muslims in Need with Close Ties to Muslims (Mowa’lafa Qolobehim)
  • Insolvent
  • Sabeel Ellallah (Community Development Projects, Capacity Building)

Typical ways your donation could help our students are shared below:

  • Not only provide housing assistance to our students, but to teach them how to lead in their field and secure a career.
  • Assist needy students with tutoring allowing them to complete school and attend college.
  • Coaching and mentoring at-risk fatherless Muslim youth in the suburbs and cities.
  • Developing micro-financing projects for capacity development and employment.
  • Not only help a brother find a job, but also to show him the tools to be a contributor to the community.

A few examples that might seem trivial but they TRANSFORM people’s lives. Be part of making a lasting difference. Be part of a continuous sadaqa.

We need to raise $18,000 immediately to ensure the continuity of our services and allow everyone to benefit from our programs.