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A trifold brochure covering basic etiquette for interacting with Muslims in the workplace.

Mentoring has proven to be one of the most successful approaches to deliver leadership traits and styles to the son of Adam.



Organizations which wish to survive must adapt to change, in other words must change themselves. Healthy change however has to be founded by a certain set of values which a person, organization and society treasures and takes as sacred.

Are you gonna stick to the Prophet’s Sunnah despite the pressure to compromise a little, despite the onslaught of attacks? Are you gonna dare to be different? Or are you gonna buckle under the pressure and give in? If you dare to be different, then I give you the glad tidings that the Prophet Muhammad gave to such people…

Everyone makes mistakes, including leaders. We are all human and its part of how we are. However some mistakes are more fatal than others. These three killers below can diminish a leader’s effectiveness.

Jaabir (radhiAllahu anhu) said, The Prophet used to sit and teach us the (Supplication of) Istikhaarah [and he advised us to say it] regarding all of our matters & affairs. And he would teach us this Du’aa’, like he would teach us the Surahs of the Qur`aan.

Institutions vary widely in their capabilities to achieve their mission. You could find two organizations in the exact same line of business, with very similar strategies and business drivers, yet very different results due to the differences in their capabilities.

Executives have markedly changed their leadership styles in the past year—but not their views on which ones will help companies most in the long term. Many of the most needed leadership styles, now and in the future, are those used more frequently by women than by men.





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