Scholars Internship Program

A 9-month scholarly research oriented internship program for high school seniors and juniors and college students.


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   Spring 2015, April 1 2015

   Fall 2015 October 1, 2015




What is it?

A nine-month scholarly level research-based internship focusing on leadership topics in one of several domains. Students are expected to identify a problem of interest, conduct research related to the problem, propose solutions and choose one solution to research further. Students provide a final presentation on the topic and deliver an academic paper to be reviewed and published in the ILIA Journal of Leadership Studies.

Who Can Apply?
Students who completed 10 years of schooling in public, private or home school are eligible to apply, as well as college students. Open to students of all faiths and backgrounds.

What are the Requirements for Selection?
Competition is fierce and only five students are selected each section. Student would typically have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, completed at least one Honors/GT/AP level class with a grade of A. Students also complete an interview and submit an essay.

How Many Times a Year is it offered?
Students start in April and October of each year.

Are Students Compensated?
Yes, students who complete with a grade of a B or above and satisfy all requirements for completion are eligible for a stipend. Stipends are usually $200, but can vary depending on research topic and available budget.

What are the Requirements for Satisfactory Completion?
Students need to check with their mentor once a week, submit all deliverables on time, produce a scholarly paper that can be published in a professional journal, complete an oral presentation and demonstrate rigor in research, analysis, problem formulation and solution proposal.

How are Students Assessed?
Students are assessed on leadership skills, research process, final deliverable quality

How will the Internship Benefit Me?
Our Scholars have higher opportunities for securing research and leadership opportunities at higher education institutes and employers. Interns learn critical skills for a competitive demanding global market place.

What Topics Do Scholars Research?
Scholars research topics related to psychology, engineering, business, management, public health, medicine, sociology, education, marketing, fundraising, non-profits and public policy.

How to Apply?
Complete the initial interview survey online, complete an online application here, email resume and a copy of your school transcript or latest report card to

What is the Deadline of Application?
All materials need to be received no later than Dec 31st for the April 1 start date and June 30th for the October start date.

Is the Program Open to non-Muslims?
Absolutely, all our programs and classes are open to students of all faiths and background. Read more about our policies here.

How Many Interns Join the Program?
We receive many applications each year, we select only five applicants each instance, a total of 10 for each year.

Where is the Internship Offered?
Most of our interns have flexible schedules and set their own times, most work from home and the field, a weekly meeting of 1-hr is required with the other interns and your mentor via video or in-person at our Ellicott City location.

When has this Program Started?
April 2015 is our first offering of the Scholars Program. We currently have a beta test version of it with three students.

What Topics are the Current Interns Working on?
Students choose a topic that they are passionate about. We have three very interesting topics that our three test Scholars are working on:

  • Developmental Guide for Parents of Muslim ADHD Children
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Weekend Schools
  • A New Model for Inmate Reentry Through Integrated Leadership Development