Service Areas

Youth Development Services

As a national leader in youth leadership programming, ILIA offers a rich diversity of services for youth such as classroom-based courses, outdoor retreats, mentoring & coaching programs, Islamic leadership-based counseling services, leadership-based tutoring, online classes, seminars and short programs, workshops, character development, internships, volunteering and community service. ILIA serves gifted and talented youth, incarcerated youth, homeless youth, runaways, academically challenged and partners with many schools, youth groups, juvenile centers, teen community centers and clubs.


Family Development Services

ILIA offers a variety of services for families such as online and classroom workshops and classes, family counseling, family leadership development, marriage counseling, mediation and reconciliation services, life planning and advancement coaching, career development and adult/teen counseling. ILIA serves married couples, individuals seeking spouses, divorced couples, incarcerated individuals, homeless families  and individuals struggling with same-gender attraction issues.



Organizational Development

ILIA brings to Muslim communities across the US cutting edge training and professional grade development in areas of project management, program development, teacher leadership development, governance frameworks, quality management, systemic thinking and systems engineering, board training, leadership coaching and mentoring, professional development, career planning, strategic planning and mission development, fundraising training and business process management.



Scholarships and Financial Aid

ILIA offers a variety of financial aid solutions to its students such as zakat support for transportation and housing needs combined with counseling services, tuition financial aid, scholarships for gifted and talented students, sponsorships, ongoing sadaqa jaryaah and small institutional grants.



Complimentary Online Advice – Ask ILIA

ILIA provides free advisory and counseling services online. Our experts and scholars respond to questions posted in confidence. Our current experts are Dr. Ramadan Abdelbasit, Imam Jawad Ahmad, Br. Ayman Nassar, and Dr. Salah As Sawy. To access the service click here on the Ask ILIA link.




Request a Speaker

We would be happy to be part of your event, our founder and board members usually speak on topics related to youth, family and community leadership development. Visit this link to request a speaker



ILIA services are open to all students. ILIA prohibits  discrimination  against  any  member  of  the Islamic Leadership Institute of America community on  the  basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a veteran. ILIA will conduct its programs, services and activities consistent with applicable  federal, state and local laws, regulations and orders.