Share the Blessings


This weekend event we got something going on. Its all about giving back from what we have been given by Allah (glory be to Him). Its a hard feeling to be cold and hungry. Join me and other youth and their parents to share some food items. Learn more below.

 Share the Blessings
We are calling upon our youth to pull up their sleeves grab a parent and head to the store, get a few bags of canned items from below and join us to deliver 500 lbs of food to the Halal Food Pantry as they ran out of stock

Event: Share the Blessings
When: Sat 1/6/2018
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Who: All ages
Where: Meet at Dar Al-Taqwa, car pool to the Halal Food Pantry to distribute food items and connect  with the needy and engage in a short discussion.

Items you may bring:

Canned soups, bread, powdered milk, honey, dates, canned salmon, tuna fish, beans and franks(chicken), canned fruit, instant oatmeal, hot chocolate and tea.