Single Quarter Condensed Youth Project Management Certificate – Spring 2015

An inspiring and thought provoking certification program, bringing a mix of instruction, hands-on, internship, applied experience and state-of-the-art delivery of concepts of project management to the young adult population enriched with relevant Islamic value and principles.






It doesn’t cost, it actually adds value…it saves you money and makes you more of it. When you learn all the mistakes to avoid in building your career, you’ll save thousands of dollars in lost opportunities and below average performance.


It saves you time because of the collective years you’ll shave off the learning curve from the combined knowledge and wisdom shared by the incredible experience our instructors bring.


Besides, if you build a six-figure income,  join a prestigious college or start a successful venture this education will continue to payoff each and every year that goes by.




Lastly, you’ll be able to form partnerships and alliances with the talent in the audience alone.

Join the dozens of youth who completed several classes of Youth Project Management in Maryland, Virginia, and Tennessee.


Ages: 17 – 25

Location: College Park

Limited to 30 Students


If you try to learn this all on your own without coming to this event you’ll most likely miss out on key life-savers and performance boosters.

Successful individuals invest tens of thousands in their education and that’s not including what is spent in making mistakes. But you won’t pay $100,000…not even will you pay $10,000…in fact between the content, the speakers, and the audience, there’s nothing like this event for less than $5,000!


Only $225 instead of $642