Youth: Natural Entrepreneurs


Young people of today are the entrepreneurs of the future. Learning the basics of entrepreneurship for our youth is important whether they are interested in founding their own business, or planning to help grow others’ businesses. Our economy is becoming one of self-initiative and each person brings something to the game. ILIA as a leadership development institute considers Islamic business leadership development’ as a part of its vision, Students learn how to reduce risk how to shape and implement ideas.

The retreat will expose students to concepts and a body of knowledge which typically are taught at first and second year business schools across the country. From decision-making, to financial statements, product positioning and value proposition, students will develop a sound and rounded understanding of the basics of entrepreneurship, within an Islamic context and with fun-filled activities ranging from beach volleyball to swimming, group activities and much more inshaa Allah. ‘Youth: Natural Entrepreneurs’ introduce young entrepreneurs to the concept of small business ownership as a viable career choice, and teaches students the fundamentals of starting a small business; from brainstorming to evaluating the feasibility of their ideas,

This class, providing face-to-face business counseling and training, teaches students how to be good self starters, strive for perfection and higher standards while living within great competition, Students picture their venture and its relationship to stakeholders from the perspective of a young Muslim leader with relevant stories from Islamic heritage and seerah to contemporary business entrepreneurs.

Youth: Natural Entrepreneurs is intended to cover the following areas:

  • Career planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Starting own business
  • Project planning

The discussion will be supplemented by the Case studies of successful entrepreneurs; Bill Gates, Bill Marriott, Kevin Plank, etc.


  • Learn how the youth years are prime time to think of leading a business
  • Understand relationship between entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Basics of business planning
  • Islamic values related to business transactions & management
  • Lessons from failed businesses
  • How to launch a business
  • Leadership traits and styles relevant to a successful business leader
  • Successful entrepreneurs critique and lessons learned


  • Workshops
  • Short halaqas and talks
  • Team activities
  • Business planning
  • Business plan presentation
  • Teams that meet criteria would be eligible to submit a full business plan and receive funding up to $500 for a new venture
  • Beach sports
  • Leisure and sightseeing

Age group:

13-16 years, brothers

Topics Covered/Activities:

  • Career planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Starting own business
  • Project Planning

The retreat will be supplemented by the Case studies of successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Bill Marriott, Kevin Plank and others.

Location: Ocean  City,  Princess Royale Hotel –


Instructor: Mr. Ayman Nassar: Founder and chair of the board of directors of Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA). He held positions on the board of directors and advisors of several masjids and Islamic organizations in the US. Ayman has great experience in the field of leadership curriculum development, and is the pioneer or several leadership initiatives i.e. Mission Leadership, Youth Project Management, Youth Leadership Certificate, Mission Excellence and several others.

Studnets-Chaperon Ratio: The students-chaperon ratio for this retreat is 5:1

Fees: $155

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