Teens Against Hunger – Data Analysis


This week inshaa Allah will mark the third session in our Middle School group’s Teens Against Hunger. In the previous two sessions the teens learned about the food supply chain, strategies to mitigate food shortage and food access challenges. They planted a plot of tomatoes and learned how to generate electricity from the fruit.

Teens Against Hunger is an interdisciplinary leadership development program, through a multi-session educational program utilizing an integrated experiential learning approach to stimulate the critical thinking of young teens about careers and self-leadership. Issues related to hunger, low income, food access, economic development, artificial intelligence, biology, food crisis and the food supply chain trends are discussed, and then students go outdoors and take action, growing real veggies and applying concepts learned throughout the process. At the end of the season students visit the Halal Food Bank in Baltimore, make their own sandwiches to feed the homeless. It’s a great learning experience to discover new fields and explore career thoughts. We expect students will learn things like analyzing data, planning, climate, biological ecosystem, food systems supply chains, STEM and more.

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In this session the youth will learn how to measure soil quality and attributes of the plot, they will collect data, analyze and create reports. They will the basics of data analysis and how to present findings using technology to monitor the quality of their produce. As part of the discussion they will get introduced to careers in the field of data analysis, engineering and research.

Take a glimpse of the event pictures here >>> https://www.facebook.com/pg/islamicleader/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154829057773067
Where: 4903 Liberty Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21207
When: Sat, Aug 12th, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Why: Collect Data and Analyze Related to our Tomato Project
How: Indoor Science Room and Outdoors, Bring Sneakers and Outdoor Outfit
Who: Teens 12-18 years young, both genders
Bring own laptop

RSVP here >>> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/teens-against-hunger-data-analysis-tickets-36917955599