Teens Against Hunger – Harvest and Food Access


This week inshaa Allah will mark the fourth and final session in our Middle School group’s Teens Against Hunger for this summer. In the previous sessions the teens learned about the food supply chain, strategies to mitigate food shortage and food access challenges. They planted a plot of tomatoes and learned how to generate electricity from the fruit, and how to take pH and soil moisture measurements, plot their readings and perform some basic data analysis and findings.

In this session inshaa Allah the youth will check on their plants and collect some of the harvest, pack food items and learn about food access through a field visit to the Halal Food Pantry in Baltimore, where they will deliver donated items, meet the staff and attend a presentation by the director of the Halal Food Pantry. As part of the discussion they will get introduced to careers in the field of social services, economic development, social equity and learn about Baltimore City.


Teens Against Hunger (1)


When: Sat, Sept 9th, 2017
Who: Boys and Girls ages 11+
Where: 4017 Liberty Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21207
Why: Food Access and Social Equity
RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/teens-against-hunger-harvest-and-food-access-tickets-37440355110