Terrorism and Our Youth


terrorism and our youth



Date: Saturday Feb 2, 2012
Time: After Asr
Location:  9150 Lanham Severn Road Lanham, MD
Register here:  http://terrornyouth.eventbrite.com/

Br. Mauri will share invaluable experiences & insights to:
  • Raise awareness regarding the issues facing young Muslim males
  • Share how parents should deal with this issue and why it is of concern to us
  • Community role in addressing the issue
  • Ramifications if issue goes unaddressed
  • How to stop the cycle in an effective, legal and prudent manner *practical tips*.
Br. Ayman will focus on
  • Traits of a smart believer (knowledge, wisdom, …
  • The balanced act of vigilance, courage, risk and planning
  • Practical tips
  • Questions by audience
  • Case study, or hypothetical scenario (group activity)

  • a 19 minute video of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
  • a power point presentation on a number of Muslims (of varying ages, primarily young men) who are considered political prisoners, and the self-incriminating factors that helped to put them where they are;
  • and in depth discussion of how committed Muslims (esp. overly emotional and easily manipulable young Muslims) can push back against the tide of oppressive Islamophobia without putting themselves, their families, and their communities at unnecessary risk.
  • Question and Answer