At ILIA we are thankful to our Lord for being part of bringing success and empowerment to our students and their communities. We take pride in the quality and attention to detail we provide. If you had a good experience at ILIA add a comment below, or email us at pr@islamicleadership.org


EmpowerOne: Student Testimonials

“It’s hard to believe that there was once a time in my life where I didn’t know where I was headed. Uncertainty plagued every move I made, and I was going nowhere but down. It was the EmpowerOne program and the help of an amazing mentor that not only guided me back up to where I was, but to further heights than I had ever imagined before. EmpowerOne is no misnomer, while true empowerment happens only by the will of Allah, we can always use a guiding hand to get there.”

17 year old student, Fairfax, Virginia


“… It’s funny how much has changed from half a year ago… The counselor said my math scores on the accuplacer were amazing, which actually shocked me a bit. She said she hopes I do something in math in the future, and I said I wanted to be a doctor and she said good. I feel like Allah has truly lent me a hand. I registered for 5 classes Precalc + Trig + English + Political Science + Sociology. 15 credits total. If I get another 15 credits next semester, the counselor said I could transfer to UMD after just one year …”

17 year old student, Bethesda, Maryland


“… I am proud of myself, I actually don’t feel useless now …”

13 year old student, Howard County, Maryland


“… everything that was said is an earring in my ear! Thank you so much …”

23 year old student, Howard County, Maryland


“Honestly, it has helped so much with life”

17 year old student, Howard County, Maryland


“I now know how to seek help when I need it ..”

13 year old student, Howard County, Maryland


“I would not be sitting here [at college graduation] if it was not for [EmpowerOne]…”

22 year old student, College Park, Maryland


“Sanna really enjoyed herself … I asked her if she would have gone without a friend that she already knew, ad she said she would. That is definitely a compliment from her”

n  Mother of 12 year old sister